Mapping California Fires

Danny of SearchEngineLand listed out some resources to help map out the california fires. I hope everyone is okay.


LA Times Interactive Fire Map: Built on Google Maps and from the Los Angeles Times, fire icons show each major fire, and you can click on the flames for more information about the incident. This is probably the best and most widely referenced resource that I’ve seen.

San Diego County Fires Map: From public radio station KPBS, covers incidents in the area, including evacuation centers.

California Active Fire Mapper: From UC Berkeley, pinpoints fires over the past week across the state.

Google Earth Blog List: Links to a range of maps including a special layer covering the fires in San Diego and animations of how smoke is spreading (and here’s how some of that was done). Here’s my personal view of smoke moving over Newport Beach.

NASA MODIS: Shows the smoke plume as today’s image of the day.

San Diego Fire Resources: Links to a variety of maps for the San Diego area.

Malibu Fire in Birds Eye: From Microsoft’s Virtual Earth / Windows Live Local blog, covers a special look at the Malibu area fires.

Wildfire Resources: From Gary Price’s ResourceShelf, more links to fire information.

Google Lat Long Blog: Both the first maps on the list are mentioned in this post, and it’s a good place to watch in case future posts provide an update.

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