Sproutly is a personal weblog dedicated to young entrepreneurs. The site written by me, Jeff Wang, and is not affliated with any other organization. I was born and raised in California. I have also lived in Taiwan for short period during my childhood. Currently, I am attending college at UC Berkeley as an EECS major. I do have trouble staying on the typical technical path for major, and enjoy taking humanity and business classes.

Other than school, I try to keep up the startup’s in the Bay Area. And there are a LOT. I also get pretty excited when I meet other entrepreneurs around my age. I like reading the popular tech/finance blogs as well as big media (WSJ, NYT). Also, interested in hiring me for a consulting gig? Feel free to contact me.

My previous work experience include Microsoft and TechCrunch. I have also started and sold a website.

email: jeff at sproutly dot com