Evolution of Facebook

Facebook Evolution
Happy birthday, Facebook! I’ve been an user and fan since its 2004 founding year. It was also the year I entered UC Berkeley as a freshman. Now that I think of it, part of my college experience has basically been defined by Facebook. I was talking about this to my friend the other day, and we can’t really imagine what college would be like without Facebook. It’s been a total of 5 years and as you can see in retrospect, a lot of changes have been made. When I joined, there were about 15 or so college networks. Now they have more than 150 million active users. Amazing.

Yahoo Homepage Videos Copy Digg’s?

I’m not sure if anyone else is noticing, but Yahoo’s homepage videos are consistently copying Digg’s videos, except one week late. I do think that Yahoo’s AJAX video loading style is pretty nifty, but they need technology that can break videos first.For example, here is one screenshot of what I just saw:

 Here is the one from Digg a week ago: 
  I’ll give Yahoo the benefit of the doubt and think that they just coincidentally had the same video. I mean, the definition of viral videos means that they are everything right?Anyways, for your entertainment, here is the actual video. I was at the game.